Product Photography: Sara Angelica Spilling



O O O L I N O . 2 / 3

Handheld objects of curiosity, play, and grounding made in Oslo Norway

Oooli no.2 and Oooli no.3 are handheld objects of curiosity and play, made to run your hands around and over experiencing them as much physically as visually grounding you mindfully to the moment at hand.  The play forms Oooli no.2 and Oooli no.3 are each created by hand using 930 strips creating 155 bunches and using approximately 475 stitches.

Oooli no. 2 / 3 are from a collection of sculptural furniture and handheld objects of curiosity and play made of leather and steel utilising the entirety of the hide, off cuts and all, to create an intriguing, visceral, soft, and playful tactual experience. The objects dance the line of aesthetic and function merging a handcrafted quality and the visual experience of art with the utilitarian experience of design.

The materials used are made from renewable sources and chosen for their ability to mature and embrace time gracefully. Each pieces’ form has been forged by hand, hammer, and flame to create visually continuous forms intended to draw one in. The steel structure is finished in beeswax to protect it from future corrosion. The goat hide is supple and soft using a natural tanning process of bark and roots, sourced from a family tannery in southern Germany and prior to that the surrounding farms. The tactile surface endeavours to use the entirety of the hide and not just the large central forms commonly used when working with leather. Strip by strip each piece is carefully cut and sewn entirely by hand.

Process video by Ayae Maki Fredheim.